FTP Tokenomics

So much more than a utility token!

FTP Tokenomics

So much more than a utility token!

Fair Trader Tokenomics

Fair Trader is so much more than a utility token and has multiple uses withing the Fair Trader Platform. FTP has a self-sustaining and thriving economy and will provide genuine employment opportunities and a reward mechanism to fairly distribute part of the transaction to all coin holders (see Ecosystem for more details)


All FTP tokens have been minted

Maximum Coin Circulation 26 billion

Fair Trader has a total of 26 billion tokens with no new tokens to be created in the future.

The 26 billion will be used to run the mediation and arbitration settlements, purchasing goods and services and investors who may wish to hold the FTP tokens.


3.25 Billion TOKENS

1. Initial Investors Contribution

Extensive research and market analysis has  been conducted by Fair Trader investors who have funded this great project since 2017. Main expenses included: 

  • Project feasibility analysis 
  • Creation of Whitepaper
  • Website Design and Development
  • Other IT work required
  • Liquidity Pool for PancakeSwap and QuickSwap





1 Billion Tokens

2. Consultation and other fees

The consultation fees were paid in FTP coins for the following work:

  • Graphic design work
  • Marketing services
  • IT Consultation 
  • Accounting services
  • Industrial relation & resolution 
  • Administration services
  • Maintaining social media presence 

3. Mediation License Fees (1 Billion Tokens)

Mediator License Fee will be required in order to register as a Mediator on the Fair Trader Platform. The registration fee (purchased in FTP) will be paid to the Community Supervisor as fee for service to review the application.

Each mediator will also be required to hold some FTP tokens as set by the community in order to keep their licence active. 



4. Arbitration Resolution Fees (7 Billion Tokens)

Both buyers and sellers of goods and services will use the FTP tokens to initially engage the mediator and review the case.

The mediator fee for service will be paid in FTP coins after the case has been finalised and the remedy made by defaulting party.

5. Application Development (10 Billion Tokens)

Fair Trader will be using Asta Blockchain to develop the Fair Trader Platform and applications. These tokens will be sold as required to pay for development costs as they are needed.

As the platform development progresses, the coins should increase in value and less amount of coins will be needed to be sold. All remaining coins will be reserved to pay for any other development work required in the future through a community through a voting process.

The 10 billion development cost will be split accordingly:

  • Application Development 7 Billion
  • Future Product Commercialisation 3 Billion

Advertising & Marketing

6. Global Advertising campaign (1.75 Billion)

Fair Trader will use the sale of these coins to fund an advertising campaign to grow the Fair Trader Community. This includes creating a professional video content to explain the Fair Trader concept and maintain a large social media presence.

Fair Trader will advertise on Brave Browser and other platforms.

Future Proof

7. Treasury Holdings (2 Billion)

2 Billion tokens will be set aside in Treasury Holdings. These tokens will be used to grow the transaction volume and Fair Trader Community.

The Treasury Holdings can also be used to interface with other payment gateways requested by the community. 


Purchasing of goods and services

FTP token can be used to purchase goods and services and can be easily to converted into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on the FTP network.

Investors who hold FTP tokens will be rewarded by receiving an equal share of all transactions that take place on the Fair Trader Platform.