About Fair Trader

The world’s first self-governed resolution payment gateway, created for the benefit of the community with its own self-sustaining and thriving economy. Based on the universal message of the bible, FTP will integrate perfectly with both Jewish, Christian, Islam, and any common law.

Delivering a fair working world for all

Trade with confidence in your favorite crypto currency, stable coins and privacy coins as well as fiat currency. Fair Trader provides a number of flexible options to resolve disputes, to achieve a fair outcome between buyer and seller of goods or services.

It is common knowledge that justice in commerce for many is unaffordable. As most people are unable to pay for the high legal costs, they give up their pursuit to recover money owed.

By selecting a trusted source or an independent mediator from the global community, both parties can resolve disputes quickly and cheaply without the need of a costly legal battle.

Fair Trader will act as a deterrent to any fraudulent activity as all funds will stay locked until the goods or service have been delivered according to the purchasing agreement. In case the original agreement has been broken or if one party refuses to co-operate the mediator can reverse or forward the transaction after reviewing the case.

How is Fair Trader different
to other payment gateways?

Whilst there are payment gateways that offer basic resolution services on goods purchased, there are no global leaders in the trades and services industry as it is complex to resolve due to many rules and regulations in each industry and country.

Fair Trader allows  both the buyer and seller to select a trusted source as a mediator in case they are unable to come to an agreement. The trusted person becomes part of the transaction and can be asked to step in to resolve a dispute between both parties.

The Mediator could be a skilled tradesman, a software developer, an import/export consultant, a practicing mediator or anyone considered trustworthy by both parties.

Fair Trader is also the first payment gateway that will enable people of common faith, to trade according to their spiritual beliefs.  Fair Trader Platform will be perfectly compatible with Jewish, Christian and Sharia law by allowing both buyer and seller to select a rabbi, a priest or a mufti as their mediator and moral guide. 

Fair Trader will bridge between crytocurrencies and fiat currencies transactions. Users of Fair Trader will be able to pay in crypto currency and receive payment in fiat currency on the other end.

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain provides independency from third party vendors, adds security and transparency and delivers the  functionality needed to ensure fair, equitable contracts and agreements..

Highly Secure

Your funds are always safe and only  people involved in the transaction can halt payment and ask for mediators assistance.


It’s Transparent & Trusted

Fair Trader will expose fraudulent activity, dodgy practices, and provide fair trade score rating for both users and mediators. 

Difficult To Change & Modify

Neither party, nor FTP will be able to modify the transaction and transfer the funds to another wallet.

It’s Always On

A peer-to-peer network is what drives the blockchain, delivering an extremely resilient service. This is because data is replicated and updated on each and every node. Even if nodes leave the network or become inaccessible, the network as a whole continues to work, making it highly available.

It’s Decentralised

This is the core concept and benefit of blockchainas it can not be shut down or manipulated by the banking system who control the money supply, or who is allowed to use their network


It’s Streamlined

The benefit of blockchain is that it serves as a single shared ledger between relevant users, which reduces the complexity of having to manage separate and multiple systems.

fair trader

Product Suite

All done with the comfort of the first fully decentralised self-regulating skills based resolution platform to assist and ensure a fair business transaction.

In addition to its ability to resolve disputes between buyer and seller, Fair Trader will have a comprehensive invoicing platform built on the blockchain that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and is feature rich to assist businesses and independent contractors to manage their projects.

Simple  to use and feature rich, Fair Trader allows business owners to send proposals, quotes and trigger an invoice that forms an agreement on a transparent and decentralised platform.

Create customised proposals, quotes and invoices

Accessible from any device, FTP allows for invoicing and quotes with built in escrow system. Fair Trader allows for the creation of clean and professional invoices that can be customised to match your brand. Integrating information from projects, timesheets, and customer records. Business owners will be able to select from a series of predefined templates, delivering a professional touch.

Facilitate payments

Does not require additional set up and can provide you the capability to conveniently process payments  with both Crypto and Fiat.

With FTP you can create an online portal for customers to make secure payments and allow recurring billing so clients won’t miss a due payment.

Time release, Escrow and milestone payments

It can be stressful to make a significant payment. Sometimes we are unsure if we are able to trust that the goods we ordered will be received or that the service will be completed to our satisfaction or relevant standards.

The Fair Trader service platforms helps to alleviate these concerns, with its built in Escrow feature managed by a trusted source selected by both parties. From within the FTP platform, buyers and sellers will be able to agree on several terms such as;

  • An agreed payment schedule based on delivery milestones
  • The buyer may request to inspect the goods prior to purchase
  • Payment terms including any penalty or late payment fees

Generate reports

Produce a variety of reports with invoicing software which can assist you to track your finances and monitor which invoices are currently in mediation, halted or outstanding. You can generate reports, export them as PDF files, and share or receive them by email.

Our Team

Asta Blockchain

Asta Blockchain

Software & Blockchain Developer

Asta is one of Australia’s largest and trusted software developer and a world recognised blockchain expert.

Jack Wang

Jack Wang

Marketing Advisor

Jack will look after social media strategies and campaigns. Managing a budget to be spent on promoting social media posts and pay-per-click advertising. Keeping track of data and analysing the performance of social media campaigns.

Jeremy Treloggan

Jeremy Treloggan

Industrial Relations Advisor

Having worked as a Senior Fair Work Australia Manager for 8 years specialising in Industrial Relations, Jeremy brings a wealth of expertise in fair work ethics. Jeremy will provide guidance and advice on the issues relating to best practices and trends, collective agreements, disciplinary matters, grievance and arbitration matters.

Eleisha McNeill

Eleisha McNeill

Mediator Approval

Eleisha has over 20 years of experience in managerial and customer relations in various industries including telecommunications. In the past she has worked for companies such as Optus and New Telecom. Eleisha also worked for a number of years in Research Ethics for St Vincent’s Hospital. She is an expert in dealing with people of various backgrounds and nationalities.

Haider Yacoob

Haider Yacoob

CTO Blockchain Engineer

Haider is a very experienced blockchain engineer and is responsible for the development of the Fair Trader Applications, ensuring smart contract security and integration with various blockchains and digital wallets. Haider will oversee the project management of the Fair Trader Application and ensure that it is delivered on time and on budget.

Imtiaz Ibrahim

Imtiaz Ibrahim

Project Manager

With many years of experience in project management, Ibrahim worked closely with engineers and architects to develop plans, establish timetables, and determine labour and material costs. Ibrahim will be assisting Fair Trader with planning and coordinating technical
engineering initiatives.

Zafir Akel

Zafir Akel

App Advisor

Zafir has a diploma in electronic engineering and has over 30 years of experience in telecom and information technology having worked in senior roles for leading telecommunications vendors. Zafir work experience includes high-level design work, technical writing, and deployment of a VOIP billing Engine.



Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Nawaz is an experienced and talented graphic designer and web developer. He will be assisting Fair Trader with updating the Fair Trader website and creating other visual content..

Abdullah Yacoob

Abdullah Yacoob

Full stack blockchain developer

Abdullah is full stack blockchain developer specializing in web architecture, API integration and database design. Abdullah has an extensive experience with bug tracking and network monitoring as well as functional programming