Fair Trader has a self sustaining and thriving economy

All proceeds going back to coin holders and community

FTP Ecosystem & Fair Reward Structure

Fair Trader is more than just a utility token. It has its own self sustaining and thriving economy and will provide genuine employment opportunities to mediators around the globe.

With three streams of constant revenue, the FTP platform will flourish and reward its coin holders with a percentage of all transaction fees collected from all activities on its platform. As transaction volume increase, the FTP token should increase in value in proportion with trade volume and popularity.

Giving 100%
back to the Community

Transaction Fees

FTP will have a low transaction fee to make commerce affordable to everyone around the globe.

The transaction fees collected will be set by the community and used to provide a reward mechanism to all FTP coin holders.

A Fair Reward System

FTP will reward its coin holders with a 100%  of its total revenue collection.

The coin price should grow with FTP Portal use and increase in the transaction volume.

Mediation Fees

A small percentage of the mediation fee will be collected as commission for maintaining the Decentralised Mediation Portal and ensuring it thrives and grows with the community’s needs in the future.

Mediation License

Mediators will purchase a mediators license with FTP tokens. This fee will pay for a supervisor to review the applications and stop all fraudulent applications. Mediators will aslo need to hold FTP tokens to keep their license active.


Extensive research has been conducted by the FTP team and highly experienced consultants to ensure Fair Trader can resolve an existing problem in commerce especially in technical and construction industry.